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Services include the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions:




Retina Disease

Macular Degeneration

Vitreous Disease


Botox treatments

Ocular Trauma

Annual Exams


Our surgeons utilize up to date techniques in safe, convenient, and cost effective surgery centers as well as local hospitals.


Eye Consultants, Inc opened its doors to the community of Cape Girardeau in 1972 with the mission of providing the highest quality eye care in the area.  Today, it continues this same tradition while extending its reach to all of Southeast Missouri.  In 1982, Kies Eye Center began meeting the ophthalmic needs of patients in Cape Girardeau.  Kies became one of the region’s leading practices as it moved into new and expanded facilities in 1994.   With an eye to the future, Eye Consultants, Inc and Kies Eye Center merged in April 2008 creating the Eye Consultants, Inc you know today.  The professional team we assembled is made up of highly trained physicians and surgeons capable of meeting your medical and surgical eye care needs.  









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